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The Home of the Book 'Teaching Beginners to Ski' by Dr John T Whiting

The Value of Reading "Teaching Beginners to Ski"

toBeginner Skiers

Snow skiing can provide an exciting, enjoyable, wholesome and healthy activity for the winter months.  However, like other sports, learing to ski requires the mastery of the skills that are essential to skiing safely and having fun.

Acquiring these skills can be gained by either by trial and error which frequently results in less than a satisfactory 1st experience, or by following an instructional guide that provides the beginner with access to information that might otherwise have to be learned by making frequent miss-steps and falls.

Reading "Teaching  Beginners to Ski" offers an easy to understand set of guidelines that can help the new skier avoid the miss-steps and falls, and experience rapid progress, confidence and success.  It can also provide safety tips to minimize the prospects of an accident causing an early end to what would otherwise be a long, enjoyable and fun time on the snow during the winter months.

"Teaching Beginners to Ski" can help the beginner skier ensure that the time, effort and investment in the fun sport of snow skiing results in a long and happy return on that investment.

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