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The Home of the Book 'Teaching Beginners to Ski' by Dr John T Whiting

The Value of Reading "Teaching Beginners to Ski"

to Ski Resorts

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For ski resorts to be successful and profitable they must not only provide a fun and enjoyable on snow experience for those who already know how to ski, but they must find ways to attract new skiers to their resorts and convert them into repeat visitors.

Ski industry research points at the ability of the ski resort to attract new skiers, young and old, to their resort and provide them with an introduction to skiing that is so successful that they become repeat visitors as a key to future success and profitability. 

The research also identifies the one-time skier who has ceased to ski to pursue a family and career, but has an interest in returning to skiing as a family as another key to ski resort success.

To achieve success in converting beginner skiers and families with young people being introduced to skiing for the first time into repeat visitors it is critical for the ski resort to take steps that will increase the liklihood that this first experience is sufficiently successful, fun and enjoyable that the new skiers will select going skiing as their activity of choice over other options.

Although all ski resorts provide beginner skiers with the opportunity to take formal ski instruction lessons in their ski schools, many beginner skiers opt not to enroll in formal ski instruction.  In the absence of other alternatives to support the ski learning process, beginner skiers are left to their own resources to master the skills required to be successful, too often resulting in a less than satisfactory first skiing experience.  The consequence to the ski resort can be the finding by the beginner skier that the lack of success and enjoyment does not justify the time and expense associated with skiing and a lost customer.

Ski resorts can make a copy of "Teaching  Beginners to Ski" available to all beginner skiers as a part of their "Beginner Skier Equipment Rental and Ski Pass Purchase Program."  By doing so the ski resort can significantly increase the prospects of the learning experience being both enjoyable and marked with a sence of accomplishment. 

The book offers an easy to understand set of guidelines that can help the new skier avoid the miss-steps and falls, and experience rapid progress, confidence and success.  It can also provide safety tips to minimize the prospects of an accident causing an early end to what would otherwise be a long, enjoyable and fun time for the entire family on the snow during the winter months.

"Teaching Beginners to Ski" can help the ski resort ensure that the time, effort and investment in the fun sport of snow skiing produces a long and happy return on that investment and lead to an increase in the conversion of beginner skiers to repeat visitors - many that will last a life time.  The small investment in providing "Teaching Beginners to Ski" to beginner skier visitors can provide a compounded return to the ski resorts that can be measured in the millions of dollars in visitor revenues.


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