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The Home of the Book 'Teaching Beginners to Ski' by Dr John T Whiting

The Value of Quality Ski Instruction

While "Teaching Beginners to Ski" can be a very valuable tool for those interested in learning to ski, there is no real substitute for personal ski instruction from a qualified ski instructor.

The value provided by personalized ski instruction is that it eliminates the need to make a decision regarding the steps to take to be successful.  A qualified ski instructor will direct the ski instruction process in a logically linked set of steps that will allow the beginner to make efficient progress toward mastering the skills required to ski safely, experience early success and have fun on the slopes.

The qualified ski instructor is also available to answer questions and make suggestions regarding additional actions the beginner skier can take to enjoy the process of learning to ski.

Most ski resorts have ski schools staffed by ski instructors trained and certified by the Professional Ski Instructors of America organization.

Finally, taking a lesson from a qualified ski instructor can also help the beginner skier learn about other amenities at the ski resort, result in introductions to other skiers and the recommendation of training activities that the new skier can practice when free skiing to develop greater skill.

When you visit a ski shop to obtain equipment or your favorite ski resort ask about the ski school and instructors who specialize in teaching beginners to ski.

Get out and learn to ski, ski safe and have fun!


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